Specialist Equipment


Low Vision Aids and Magnifiers

As low vision specialists, Focal Point UK provides a wide range of optical and electronic low vision devices and equipment.  As an agent for Optima Low Vision Services, who are leading UK low vision aid distributor, we can provide access to a vast range of high quality optical low vision aids and magnifiers for reading, specialist task lighting. distance low vision devices and low vision support equipment.   Low Vision aids, magnifiers and equipment available include:

  • hand held magnifiers
  • hand held illuminated magnifiers
  • stand magnifiers
  • illuminated stand magnifiers
  • Pocket magnifiers
  • Bar magnifiers
  • Dome magnifiers
  • Spectacle mounted magnifiers
  • Distance monoculars (small telescopes)
  • Task lighting – desk mounted lights, portable lights, battery operated portable lights
  • Various ‘Support’ equipment

Focal Point UK can also supply various types, models and brands of electronic low vision devices – large screen video magnifiers and hand held electronic video magnifiers.  Equipment available includes:

  • Large multi-purpose electronic video magnifiers
  • Hand held electronic video magnifiers

Contact Focal Point UK for more details of any of the equipment listed above.

Orientation and Mobility (O and M) Equipment

To support the orientation and mobility needs of people with a visual impairment, Focal Point UK provides a range of orientation and mobility equipment, such as ‘low tech’ and ‘high tech’ canes and other assistive devices, for mobility purposes.  The range of orientation and mobility equipment available include:

  • Symbol canes
  • Guide canes
  • Long canes
  • Support Sticks (white walking sticks)
  • UltraCane (ultra-sonic long cane)
  • Cane tips
  • Mobility accessories
  • O and M ‘training’ equipment (for O + M instructors only)

There are many types of cane on the market, they all have different roles and purposes, and come in various sizes and lengths.  All brands of cane are available from Focal Point UK.  Therefore, when purchasing a cane, specialist advice and guidance would need to be provided by a qualified mobility specialist – such as a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist (also known as a Rehab Officer/Worker) for Vision Impaired people, or an Habilitation Worker for Children with a vision impairment, or equivalent qualification.


Contact Focal Point UK for more details of any of the equipment listed above.