The ‘easy2see’ training series

Focal Point UK offers training courses to any professional, at any level, in any agency or sector involved in the visual impairment ‘industry’. Keeping your skills up-to-date is vital to any professional, but when your working in a constantly developing environment such as visual impairment it is even more important that you keep knowledge and skills updated. Continued professional development (or CPD as it is commonly known) is a standard part of professional life, and attendance at a specific number and type of training course is required to meet the demands of CPD.

CPD has taken on a new importance especially with regard to many professional groups who now have to be registered (or will be in the near future) with their appropriate registration body to allow them to practice and work with people who are visually impaired. Specialist workers who don’t hold a professional qualification are now, in many cases, able to take QCF (Qualification and Credit Framework) level qualifications via their employer eg. within social services departments. Knowledge and competencies learnt during any appropriate visual impairment training course can be used to demonstrate evidence of learning towards a standard QCF level qualification. Focal Point UK is now able to offer a wide range of training opportunities to support any of these training needs, the objectives and learning outcomes of courses for social care staff are tied into QCF unit standards, where appropriate.

Courses are provided to purchasing organisations directly and are facilitated at their own venue (or in locality) with delegate places filled by the organising agency. Or, places on specific courses can be purchased by individual professionals and workers depending on the course. Courses are based on a ‘short format’ basis over 1 – 3 days in duration depending on the course. Training is very interactive and ‘hands-on’ with a wide range of teaching and learning methods used on all courses.

The ‘easy2see’ training series offers a broad range of training options to meet all professional needs that would be relevant and appropriate to professionals and other workers working in visual impairment (VI) such as rehabilitation workers/officers, rehabilitation assistants, specialist support staff, and optometrists and dispensing opticians. Specialist training is also available to associated professional groups as Occupational Therapists and social workers.

See our training brochure for information on individual courses, or contact us for further details.