Lynne Fisher

Lynne is a qualified vision rehab specialist, working as a Visual Impairment consultant for Focal Point UK. She qualified from the School of Rehabilitation at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in Hindhead, Surrey in November 2002, with a Diploma (HE) in Rehab Studies (Visual Impairment). Before training as a rehab specialist, Lynne worked for several social services departments in South Wales, initially with people who had a learning disability (for 4 years from 1991 to 1995), and then as a vision rehab assistant attached to a physical disability team from 1995 to April 2001. In order to qualify, Lynne had to resign her role in social services and become a full time student at the School of Rehab at Guide Dogs. She also has a Diploma in Welfare Studies (awarded in 2000).

On qualifying, Lynne was employed as a Rehab Officer for Visually Impaired People in the Sensory Impairment Team in Neath and Port Talbot Social Services in South Wales. A post she held for 7 years. Lynne’s role included undertaking specialist assessment and carrying out rehab training programmes with service users in all aspects of sight loss such as orientation and mobility, daily living and communication skills. Working very closely with the optometric practitioners on the Welsh Low Vision Scheme, Lynne provided direct low vision therapy training to service users. Over the years Lynne has worked with a range of diverse service users, including adults and children, and complex cases.

Since leaving Social Services in Sept 2009 Lynne has worked for Focal Point UK as a rehab specialist on short and long term contracts, mainly for social services and voluntary sector organisations. She also works with VI students at universities providing mobility support in route and orientation training on campus. From her previous professional experience, especially with learning disability, Lynne provides Focal Point UK with valuable skills that will be of benefit to many service providers.