Functional Vision Assessment (FVA)

Course Aims

To provide a practice based overview of the functional visual assessment with children. Identifying what is involved, why it is used, how to do one and how to use the information gained by this non-clinical assessment process

Course objectives

At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • State the principles and purpose of the Functional Vision Assessment – FVA
  • Explain the structure and process required to do a FVA State
  • Describe and demonstrate the skills and competencies required to do an FVA
  • Identify and describe how to identify relevant outcomes of a FVA
  • Demonstrate how to implement and use the FVA outcomes in professional practice

Course information

This is a one day course aimed at any visual impairment, or associated professionals who assess the functional vision needs of people with sight loss – rehab officers/workers, low vision therapists, specialist social workers, occupational therapists, teachers of VI children, employment advisors (Access to work assessment consultants). The course is an interactive experience using theory and practice examples in conjunction with experiential exercises to improve professional skills and competencies in undertaking functional visual assessments. The course is designed to equip delegates with the skills to assess functional vision and transfer the identified information and outcomes into professional practices in whatever role/sector they work in.

Course programme – 9.30am – 4.30pm

SESSION ONE: 9.30AM – 11.00AM

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course aims and objectives
  • Definitions and description of a functional visual assessment (FVA)
  • Why do FVAs, why are they important in VI rehab
  • What is an FVA, and when and where do you do one?

SESSION TWO: 11.15AM – 12.45PM

  • Using low vision data and functional information in FVAs
  • Measuring functioning vision – practical session


  • How to do an FVA – a 3 stage approach
  • Doing an FVA – practical tools for use in an FVA


  • Implementing what you know – using the FVA outcomes in professional practice
  • FVA frequently asked questions
  • Course Evaluation

4.30 CLOSE