Vision Rehabilitation and Specialist Assessments

Vision Rehabilitation Services

Focal Point UK is a leading private sector provider of vision rehabilitation (rehab) services to statutory service providers such as social services departments, education departments and Employment Services, or their agents acting on their behalf & also voluntary sector organisations. These rehab services can be offered as a long term contract, or on a ‘spot’ contract basis with an agreed service level agreement, whereby a purchaser or commissioner of a service will only pay for individual one-off input on a ‘sessional’ basis.

Additionally, rehab services are available that can be purchased directly to visually impaired people, which will enable them to buy in the service individually on a private basis. This would take the form of an agreement directly between Focal Point UK and a service user. The high quality service standards provided to statutory agencies would still apply and visually impaired people purchasing a private rehab service in this manner could still expect to receive the same level of input and care as received by a ‘contract’ provider. Payment for these services is made by the individual purchaser of a service to Focal Point UK. Some people who receive funds from the personalised budget payment scheme (which was formally known as the Direct payment scheme) from social services use these finances to privately purchase their own personal rehab service. (Contact your local social services for details about personalised budget scheme)

Vision Rehab services provided by Focal Point UK include:

  • Full specialist visual rehab assessment & report.
  • Provision of individual rehab ‘action plan’ – recommendations for rehab training and equipment
  • Independent living skills training – food preparation and kitchen skills, personal care and taking medication, general household management
  • Orientation and mobility training – cane and route training
  • Communication skills training – using telephones, print and tactile formats, electronic and CCTV equipment and IT solutions
  • Vision training and low vision aid (LVA) therapy training – training how to make the best use of vision, magnifiers and other low vision devices
  • Recreation and lifestyle – any social activities, hobbies, interests and sports, could include gardening and lots of other activities.

Specialist Assessments

Legal case work – Expert Witness

Focal Point UK has for many years provided expert witness reports for legal cases involving sight loss.

Supporting Education Services 

Focal Point UK provides specialist assessments to a range of Education agencies.  These services may include Visual Impairment Services to and behalf of local authority education departments, and Further and Higher Education establishments who work with young and working age visually impaired people. These specialist assessments would normally assess the general rehab, and orientation and mobility needs of individual visually impaired people of all ages.  As part of the Disabled Students Allowance Scheme, support services are also available to visually impaired students studying at college or university.  For example, this may involve providing Orientation and Mobility training on campus to university students.

Supporting Employment Services

Focal Point UK also provides support services to the Dept. of Work and Pensions, as part of the Access to Work Scheme, providing specialist assessments and training packages.  On conclusion of the specialist assessment, a written report is forwarded to the commissioning agency with specific recommendations to meet individual needs.